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1... 2... 3... COLD!

Ah yes. Winter and yet another long gap between this post and the last. In fact, I think the Armageddon Expo for this year is coming up soon. sweatdrop
That shows just how long it's been.

Anyway, it's winter here. Or rather, it's technically Spring. However, it's been reasonably okay in terms of temperature for a while, about a week I'd say... but then this morning we're back to the winter cold. *Shivers* I was so comfortable and warm this morning; I had to count to 3 to get myself out of bed. 
Haven't had to do that in a long while.

Anyway, as for life on Coconut Island... it's pretty much the same. I'm being wary of the crabs around here though. During winter they're a lot more sluggish than normal. But as soon as it warms up, I'm sure they'll be back to their old crazy selves. I tell you, it's like being followed by ninjas when I walk around the beach! *Scuttle, scuttle... ...disappear. ...Wait... ...Reappear! Scuttle scuttle! Dive into hole. Wait.... Reappear!*
Very freaky things for being so small. At one point I was thinking of keeping one or two as pets. But they seem way too intelligent. And hostile towards me for some reason. Like I've invaded their territory and soon they'll send an army against me...
Eeep! I hope not!
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December, November, and a little mistake to be corrected...

Those 'army guys' that I mentioned in the earlier post? I can't believe I didn't recognise until someone I showed the photo to pointed it out to me -they're from Stargate!
Man, I watched and loved that show; I can't believe I didn't recognise them!!
It has been about a year since I've caught an episode though...

Other than that, November's nanowrimo went well. I wasn't trying to push myself for the 50k limit; instead I just concentrated of meeting my own goal -500 words a day. In the end, I managed to get 17,321 words done, which I think is a great achievement.

And now, December: aside from all the Christmas fuss, which is both wonderful and terrifying in its own way as we build up to Christmas day... I'm working with my friend's sister on a comic for Christmas, starring... penguins!
I hope we get it finished in time. I need to make up the frames for the last page and then finish the sketching for it. I've done all the others; and she's just beginning the linework for the third page... or will be soon.
It's all good. Anyway, hope you all have a great Christmas.

(P.S, It's summer during Christmas here on Coconut Island, so it'll be a warm Christmas day. Unless it rains on the day... as it sometimes does. )
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Armageddon 2007

Yes, sorry for my long absence.
But, this monket has been to Armageddon! (You may have seen me perched behind someone in a wheelchair taking shots.

Lots of really neat people there; a few good cosplayers too, which I tried to snap some pictures of. There was a pink-haired girl (I'm not sure who she was cosplaying as), Pikachu, a grey-haired character I don't know, and a cat-girl (yeah, Pikachu tried to duck back and hide, but I got 'im good!) and some characters from Full Metal Alchemist!
And 'le gasp!' I saw Link -twice! Man, this Link cosplayer was good (and short to boot!). Then, there was a statue -not the best lighting in this photo, but it was a pretty cool figure.

There was also a booth for DeviantArt there. I had no idea they'd be there until I saw them there; next year I'll have to keep my eyes out on the DeviantArt site.

The stormtrooper guys were really nice: stopping to let us take a photo. So even guys who work for the villains of an Empire aren't all that bad at heart.
Also the FPS (First Person Shooter, for those uninformed) guys were really great too -even letting my wheelchaired-friend and her comrade pose for a picture with them while a mate of theirs took their photo!
I think all that fragging must give them red eyes. And look at my friends in the second photo: the red eyes are contagious!

Of course, what I really came for were the bargains: any manga for $10! Usually they retail for around $20 each, so that's a major manga bargain. Not to mention that boxsets of manga and anime both abounded at excellent deals. I managed to scoop up an anime boxset of 'Pretear' for $55, which I felt really good about. Still need to watch it though -I'll make a day and plug it into my TV and DVD coconut tree.

It was a long day, but with some 'Hello Panda!' strawberry filled treats and assorted Sushi-ish treats from a Sushi bar afterwards, it was great. Mmm... katsu prawn-topped rice wrapped with nori (dried seaweed)... a bit like an early (edible) Christmas present.

How neat to meet other New Zealand artists! The guys at the DevArt booth were great; I'll need to check out some of their galleries... not to mention producers of New Zealand comics. It was really encouraging to meet other comic artists; I may be a monket, but knowing there are other New Zealand-residing setient species creating comics... well, it just lets me know that I'm not alone in this country as I put my efforts into training myself in this art form. And the goal of one day getting published... seeing others who've achieved this goal... it let's me know that it's possible!

Many thanks to everyone -from those who merely smiled as my friend in the wheelchair accidentally rammed into their ankles in the crowds, to those selling food, comics, DVDs and other merchandise at excellent prices. To all those who smiled, cosplayed, and made the day fun: thanks for making this trip away from Coconut Island fun.
I hope I'll see you all next year.
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I've been in hibernation for a while (not true hibernation -monkeys and cats don't hibernate, so neither do Monkets); but rather, things have been rather slow. Not much has changed on the island. We did have a jellyfish swarm at one point -sheesh, if there's a bigger reason not to swim in the ocean besides sharks, it must be jellyfish.

Of course, fishing them up is a rather interesting business. I'm not really sure how they get on the fishing hook... or rather, I'm not sure how they manage to stay on it, what with their jello-like consistency.

Still, some things are best left unpondered. Curiosity killed the cat -and it almost killed this Monket. But it's enough to say this: jellyfish is not a healthy substitute for any jelatin dessert.

Aside from that, my writing's been in 'slump style' for a while now. Instead, I've swapped the computer and keyboard for pen and paper. With so many ideas running through my head, it was time to try my hand at a new approach -creating comics.

I have to say: it's taken far more time and work than I first expected. It's given me a new appreciation for artists of the medium. And it's satisfying to look upon a fully completed page and breath a sigh of relief.

Well... before I get a heart attack as I realise how many pages are left to go...
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Well and Truly March

Down here, it's when Autumn is supposed to begin. ...I have good memories of Autumn: that lovely warmth during the day, far from being the scorching heat of summer days, and quiet evening walks as the leaves collect in piles beneath the ever-more-winterish appearing trees. ...Well, that was before I moved to Coconut Island. Here the palm trees don't really shed their foliage. Just coconuts.

Yet for the first week and a half of this month, it has been hot. Summer didn't seem to pause at the accepted break between the seasons; instead it continued with its blazing heat. Just three days ago, the heat was intense, as the humidity was extremely high. Yet two days ago there was a sudden drop in temperature. Strong gusts of wind, bringing with them ominous grey clouds, covered the sky. And yesterday and today, it has been wet, windy, and freezing!

I suppose that's just how it is with New Zealand weather, from which Coconut Island also suffers and benefits. Yet it's good to have the rain; my water supply was beginning to diminish!
Yet living on an island loses some of its appeal when the waves crash threateningly against the shore, and you have to stay inside your hut, free from the freezing cold, all day.

Well... more time for writing, drawing and general gaming, I say!
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February Commeth

How does it happen so fast? One minute you're getting used to writing 2007 instead of 2006; the next, you're already into the second month of the year!

Sure, we're only a small way into February, but it's still a bit of a shock. Usually the days seem to pass by so slowly. But when I look back it can shock me to see just how much time has passed without me noticing it.

So... what does February hold for Muffin the Monket and Coconut Island? It's hard to say. There are quite a few birthdays in this month for my family. Oh, yes; my family. I don't think I've mentioned them before. One side is of the feline species, the other of monkey persuasion.
...It just figures that I'm the only one who turned out as a monket/cat hybrid...

Aside from trying to find birthday presents (which is tricker than you'd think! At their age, my cat and monkey siblings are no longer content with balls of yarn or a half-ripe banana), I've no idea what will come. Sure, there's Valentines day... but I've never been much into the occassion. It's hard to find someone to goo and gush over when you're the sole inhabitant of a tiny island.

I've got several projects in mind: to actually start writing novels again (I shake my fist at you, writer's block!), work on my pencilmanship (i.e, drawing), and attempt to cut down the Big-Nipper crab population. They're nasty, mischeivous little beasts those Big-Nipper crabs... all too ready to nip my tail when the opportunity approaches. I should definitely do something about them soon...

-Well well! I guess I do have things to do after all, even if the most immediate on the list is to get hold of an electric crab-swatter or something of the like. Which reminds me: I detest flies. So annoying, and so prevalent now in Summer's heat.

Better get started on that list of things to do.

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Summer in December

For all you Northern-Hemisphere people out there, you're probably experiencing winter right now. However, since Coconut Island is in NZ, which is situated in the Southern Hemisphere, it's Summer at the moment. And pretty dang hot.

Oh man, New Zealand weather... sometimes it's humid. For example, a day we had recently had 98% humidity (which I found out when watching the TV somehow situated in the middle of one of the coconut tree trunks, on that hot, humid evening).
98% humidity!! It rains at 100%. Ow.

However, at the moment the weather is sitting between warm and hot. Hot being the days I pant and dunk my head in the water at the shoreline, hoping a Big Nipper Crab won't come along behind me while I'm doing so... and warm being the days that are a lot more comfortable. Fur doesn't really help when it comes down to coping with the heat...

Scary news in the nearby country of Fiji, though. Government upturned... a bloodless takeover, but illegal and scary all the same. When a man forces his way by military might into the top seat of the country, it shows he doesn't respect authority.
But we'll have to see what happens. Though I've never come across any kind dictators in my readings... not that I read a lot.

For now, I write, I play games on my laptop, and try to avoid sitting on Big Nipper Crabs or being set upon by irate seagulls. I mean, what?! I needed some eggs for my breakfast.

...Rats with wings...
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As you can see, it's December and I didn't actually finish my Nanonovel. However, I had fun doing it, and it was good to finally write down some of that story I'd been brainstorming about for ages. Not only did I not finish the Nanowrimo goal of 50,000 words, but the story itself is barely halfway through, lol!

But then, I don't mind. It'll give me something to get my little monket paws back into if I feel bored.
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Nanowrimo Mishaps

Geh! I missed four days of Nanowrimo writing! That's...
*starts to add the figure up on her paws, but having only two fingers and three toes, doesn't get very far*
*opts to use Microsoft's standard calculator*
...That's 6668 words!! Somehow I don't think I'll be able to catch up.

However, health is far more important than getting to 50,000 words. Besides, I've done a lot of writing already, and it's been a great opportunity for me to finally write those stories that have been stores up in that orange-sized Monket brain of mine...

Well, since I'm feeling better, I'll write a little more today. Still, I don't think I ought to push it. Perhaps all that writing has put a strain on my Monket brain. Creativity and thought requires energy just like excercise, yes it do.
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(no subject)

Today marks another day of leisurely Monket business. Business which includes the usual tidying of my mini deserted island hidden somewhere off the coast of a little land known as 'New Zealand' dusting the wood hut which serves as a home and shelter, and ordering second-hand manga and anime off auction sites to be posted out when the weekly ferry comes with the mail.
It also marks another day of torturing myself to write at least 1,667 words to keep up with the amount I need to write each day in order to complete the goal of writing a 50,000 word novel within the 30 days of November. So far I'm going strong, despite having paws with only two fingers and feet which aren't much better (three toes). At least my tail can double as an extra digit for typing.
And ha! With only these simple tools, I am going strong towards the 50,000 word goal! Of course, it's a little hard to make myself write at times. At those moments I usually pad up to the computer with my tail hanging limp and my fluffy mane of fur dishevelled after a night of tossing-and-turning in sleep, and just stare at the computer screen, typing out words slowly and methodically, trying to form senteces as my brain comes back online.
And don't believe the rumours. Monket brians are NOT the size of a walnut. They're more the shape and size of an orange. Which is pretty good for a creature just two and a half feet tall.

~Signing off for now,
The Monket